" Parents " ___ bad habits impact on children ___

mauvaises habitudes impact sur les enfantsWhen being a father or mother is responsible for the present and future of his children, he drew attention to his actions and habits, because it will leave a significant impact in their body and psyche.

If you want a bright future for your children, you have to focus on your habits and get rid of the bad ones, because you are first and foremost the ideal role model for little ones:

We all know the bad effect of smoking on health. However, smokers refuse to give up their habit for many reasons. But, did you ever think that your addiction to smoking and your spouse will move to the days of your children, who will try to imitate you in everything you are doing ?!

___Drinking alcohol____
If you or your spouse drink the small sips of alcohol from time to time, Amutira to do it away from children. According to recent related study, proved that children who watched their parents alcohol dependent, and gradually try in any way to do ideals when they grow up.

___Binge eating___
If you want your child to live a healthy life and enjoy healthy body, Avoid eating snacks and delicacies all the time, your kids to do the same and ended up becoming addicted to eating without awareness of obesity

____Eat cereal without awareness____
That I used to eat sedative pills or drugs analgesic just because you feel disturbed or pain, your kids will likewise get used to taking the drugs in turn at each illness or fatigue no matter how simple, with the knowledge that drug consumption is not recommended except in cases where the doctor sees the need for it.