How to Have a Happy ---Married Life---

happy married lifeIt is nice to have a happy married life. But you can never tell what might happen in the future. Some can't even escape from thinking if your spouse is really happy with you.Insecurity is something you cannot take away from a human being. So what is the secret in keeping a happy marriage? It won't be a secret anymore, since I will be sharing with you the 3 basic things you have to remember to maintain a happy marriage.
First thing you have to remember is to make time for romance. Romance is essential in a married life. Marriage ages along with the couple. Jobs, children and some other responsibilities take up most of a couple's life and often times; romance is not given that much attention.

How can you make time for romance? You can maintain the intimacy by simply having a romantic date, maybe at least once a week, preferably without the children or in-laws. It would be better if it's just the two of you, enjoying the company of one another, without any distractions, right? In this way, the both of you will be focused on one another, talking about romantic things, planning the children's future and sweetly bonding together. Also, remember not to talk about unnecessary topics like work or household budget, because this will just ruin the mood. About the date, it doesn't need to be in an expensive restaurant, just make sure you go to some place other than your room where you can enjoy the company of each other. Maybe a picnic at the backyard or a late night candle light dinner.

The next thing to keep in mind is to listen to your spouse. So ask yourself this, when was the last time you had a very serious heart to heart talk with your partner where you really listening to what your spouse was saying? So, whatever your answer is to this question, make sure that the next time you talk with your spouse, you will show sincerity and you will listen to what your partner will be saying. Try to be curious and react by ask questions.
Don't give an "ok" reaction. At least show you are listening by asking a question or show that you understand him or her. If understanding is in a couple's relationship then they will truly have a happy married life.

Last but not the least is to be honest with each other. 
Keeping a secret form your spouse is really hurtful. Being protective is not a reason for you to keep a secret. This will just keep you away from your spouse. 
So try being honest even with the simple things and you will see that sharing everything with your spouse will keep you both bonded and happy together.

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