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How to Melt Your Man's Heart

If you want to learn how to melt the heart of your man, and there are a lot of different things that you can do. So just think of what you can do to satisfy him is a big step in the right direction. Every man is different, so when you determine what needs to be done you need to think about specifically.  
Although all men are similar, what every man wants are not the same. Do not waste time trying to figure out how to be what he wants every man, and focus on your very own precisely

Things you can do to melt your man's heart:

Show Your Body:

This doesn't mean you have to walk around the house wearing nothing but a bikini, unless you're comfortable doing that. You could simply wear lingerie during bed time to spice things up! Try to avoid wearing sweats all the time, show your body off and be proud of it. What every man wants in a relationship is a confident woman that feels good about her body.

Feeling good about yourself and showing that to him will melt his heart and turn him on! You might even want to consider purchasing customized panties that say "[boyfriend/husband's name] girl". These are affordable, easy to order and will give him a nice surprise when he sees your butt.

Plan a Date:

Men are always the ones who plan date nights out with their girls. If you really want to impress your man, you plan the date! You don't have to go all out and do something crazy elaborate, just stick to something special. For example, do you have a favorite restaurant that he really enjoys?  Either go to a favorite place or cook your own dinner at home with some romantic music playing in the back.
A home cooked meal is a great way to melt your man's heart and fill up his stomach. Finish off the night with your choice of dessert, drinks and a movie!

Melt Your Man's Heart With Romance:

Who says women can't be the ones who are romantic while in a relationship? What every man wants her to know but won't tell her is that he likes to be romanced just as much as she does. Men love to feel like they are needed and wanted. There are endless things you can do for your special guy just to show him you care.

For example, consider getting a glass jar and filling it with reasons why you love him on small pieces of paper. You could also make him breakfast on the weekend and turn on his favorite television show while cuddling. These small things are easy to do, loving and romantic.

Melt Your Man's Heart With Activities:

Most men don't want to stay inside the house all day long, they want to go out and have fun. Even if you don't like his idea of fun, consider doing it just for him. Plan a day where you do his favorite activity.

What every man wants is a girl he can have fun with while doing his favorite things. If he can't have fun with you while you're both fishing, running, skiing or doing other things; the relationship could prove to be boring for him.

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Relationship Quotes For the Broken Hearted - Some Helpful Advice to Get Your Ex Back!

Dealing with a broken heart is downright painful. It seems like there is nothing anyone can do to help you through this awful time. However, sometimes a few words of wisdom may help and even get you thinking that your heartbreak can be mended and your relationship restored. So, I've come up with a few relationship quotes for the broken hearted:

“A broken heart is just the growing pains necessary so that you can love more completely when the real thing comes along.”        __J.S.B. Morse __

“Loving for the second time isn’t sweet; it’s bitter, and hurt more than the first.”   ___ Jessica E. Larsen ___

“If I wasn't so phenomenal. I would go back to you.”
  ___ Coco J. Ginger ___
"Love is like being in a boat - at times it can be stormy and other times smooth sailing."  __ Anonymous __
"Heartbreak is one of the foundations of love and it will only make you stronger."   __ Anonymous __
You're obviously reading this article because you are dealing with heartbreak right now and maybe you're also thinking you'd like to get your ex back, but you're not sure how. All is not lost, as there are steps you can take to repair a relationship and mend your broken heart

Here's some helpful advice to get your ex back:

1. Take a time out. At this point, you both need some space to think things through and although, this is probably the hardest part of a breakup, it's definitely a very necessary step to get the relationship back on track.

2. Absolutely no contact during the time out, it's best to not have any communication at all until it's appropriate to, usually a month or two. You need to take this time to analyze what went wrong in the relationship and be willing to take some responsibility for it.

Let's not forget that old saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". That's precisely what you want to do, make them miss you. It will work, it always does. However, you must be patient as some things worth waiting for take a while to happen.

3. Even though you want to get back with your ex, you should and must go out and have fun with friends and family. Sitting by the phone is not the answer right now and it won't make them call you any faster. At this moment, you need to be strong and show your ex that you too can live without them if you have to!

I want you to know that no matter what you are feeling, how heartbroken you are, you are never alone there is always someone out there who at one time or another has had a broken heart too. You will survive and you can fix your relationship, most relationships are very fixable.

50 Signs Your Partner Is a Porn Addict

The following is a list of 50 signs that your partner is a porn addict...

1. He/ she is taking their laptop or handheld device into the bathroom a lot and spending a lot of time in there.

2. Sex is dwindling. So is emotional intimacy.

3. When you do have sex he/ she is asking you to do more outrageous things - including anal sex and being photographed or filmed. You begin agreeing to do them - including bringing other people into your sexual relationship - in the hopes he/ she will want you more. You are beginning to feel like you are nothing more than a sex doll because you keep getting groped non-lovingly during sex.

4. Sex has disappeared altogether. You now beg him or her for sex when once it was the other way around. This is affecting your self esteem considerably. You blame yourself.

5. You find porn stashes hidden inside files called things like "taxes", inside golf club bags or in the ceiling tiles.

6. He/ she has no empathy towards you anymore. The beauty between you has gone.

7. Little touches that he/ she used to give you are no longer there.

8. You feel like a dark entity has entered your home.

9. You begin to drive yourself crazy trying to make yourself more sexually desirable so he/ she will want you again and begin going on diets or having cosmetic surgery or other procedures. None of it works. You have an age complex even if you are in your 20s.

10. You hear your partner masturbating next to you in bed yet that person will not have sex with you.

11. Your partner's mood is very changeable.

12. You begin to feel like you are an intruder in your own home because he/ she always seems to want you to go out and looks disappointed when you come home.

13. Porn feels like it has become "the other woman or man" - a third "person" in your relationship.

14. He/ she blames you for their porn use. Reasons range from "it's because you are fat" to "you are not sexually experimental enough" - with everything in between.

15. You do things sexually with your partner that you feel degrade you just to keep his/ her sexual interest in you.

16. You have sex multiple times a day to keep his/ her sexual interest.

17. Subscribing your partner to porn sites or going to strip clubs with the person to be a "cool partner".

18. Your partner is aroused by porn but loses arousal when touching you.

19. Your partner is unable to climax when having sex with you.

20. At times you feel like punching your partner in the face during sex.

21. Your partner is up porning until all hours of the morning and then again before work and when he/ she comes home.

22. Your partner is having webcam sex with multiple other people.

23. You sometimes feel like you want to have affairs to get even.

24. The person brings their Smart Phone to bed.

25. Looking at your partner's computer search history horrifies you at some of the things the person has been looking at - like gang rapes, barely legal porn, gay and shemale porn. You question who they are and their sexuality as a result.

26. You tell yourself that it is you who is the prude. Your partner agrees.

27. Your skincare/ baby lotion has begun disappearing.

28. You begin finding your partner in very undignified positions.

29. Your children begin to find your partner in very undignified positions.

30. You find out your partner has begun using sex chat lines.

31. Your partner takes sexual photos of you whilst you are asleep or touches you sexually whilst you are asleep.

32. Sexual photos of you turn up on the Internet without your consent.

33. You feel like you are competing with porn performers.

34. You find sexual footage your partner has taken of themselves that he/ she has shared with other people online.

35. Your digital camera goes missing.

36. You find profiles of your partner on Singles sites or adverts he/ she has put into places like Craigslist looking for sex.

37. Your partner has huge mobile phone bills.

38. He/ she is having sex with prostitutes.

39. You have become a detective. It becomes a full time job. When found out, he/ she makes you feel like you have betrayed him/ her for snooping.

40. You begin taking revenge on their methodically organised porn collection.

41. Your partner blame-shifts everything onto you. Your mind is tied in knots.

42. Your partner calls you "damaged goods".

43. He/ she tells you it's your insecurities that are the problem not the porn.

44. When he/ she does not do porn for a few days, the person is very volatile emotionally.

45. Life has become an emotional rollercoaster.

46. You are constantly lied to and this is the thing which hurts you the most. The loss of trust often feels like a death.

47. You become obsessed with thoughts of their porn viewing.

48. Your partner is sacked for porning at work.

49. You find child pornography on your partner's computer.

50. The police knock at your door and remove your partner's computer

Techniques of Kissing __ How to Kiss Like a Movie Star

how to kiss like a pro

Do you want to improve your techniques of kissing?

         Do you feel like something's missing from your kisses?

Do you want to really enjoy kissing that special someone? 

Kissing can be a great way to strengthen your bonds, and really get the most from your relationship .You can express great feelings with kisses, and different techniques of kissing mean different things.
Remember to keep your mouth in good shape for kissing so your partner will enjoy it .Always brush a few times a day, remember to floss, and use lip balm regularly.

Romantic Techniques of Kissing - Kissing a Woman's Hand

There are many romantic kissing techniques .One of the most time honored, romantic ways of kissing your partner is to kiss her on the hand .Kissing a woman's hand can lead to bigger and better things if you do it right! Take her right hand in both of yours, and gently turn it palm down .Look deeply into her eyes and smile as you lift her hand to your lips .Close your eyes as you very gently brush her hand with your lips, then open them, look in her eyes again, and smile .Release her hand gently .This can lead you into more opportunities to practice even more!

Little Kisses

Little kisses can be very special, so long as you follow the proper techniques .You don't want to kiss like a fish, or give the person you're closest to small pecks on the cheek, unless you're just kidding around .The following types of kisses are nice, especially if you're in a public place and you don't want to cause a scene by engaging in a deep kiss.
  • Kissing lightly - You can kiss very lightly, and still convey plenty of special emotion .Be sure to maintain eye contact as you begin to come in for your kiss, and don't pucker your lips too much.

  • Kissing slowly - kissing slowly but keeping the kiss itself quick is a good way to work into a more intense kissing session .This is one of the best techniques of kissing - Start with an intense, quick look deep in your kissing partner's eyes, and touch him or her on the arm, neck, or face .Maintain eye contact .As you come together to kiss, part your lips very slightly, and slowly kiss either the upper or lower lip of your special someone.

Bigger Kisses

Longer, deeper, more intense kissing sessions are best for times when you have some privacy .You can enjoy kissing for hours, if you like!

Begin by looking deeply into your lover's eyes .Touch him or her on the hand, arm, neck or face, and come closer .If there's a great height difference between you, find a way to get comfortable - sitting down sometimes works well.

Next, start with a soft, slow kiss with closed lips .You can part your lips more and even touch tongues as you go .Remember, you never want to smash or smother your partner, and be careful with moisture .The more you practice, the better techniques of kissing you'll learn, and soon, you'll be kissing like a movie star.

- 10 Thoughts - Every Woman Has When She Sees a New Penis

As much as we love this male reproductive organ, an initial encounter with one can spark some mixed emotions. First off, if you're in the presence of one, it's very likely you're about to participate in some exciting sexy time. Score. But since his package can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, it's totally normal to have a few thoughts on the status of his junk before it all goes down. 
Here, 10 things you've definitely thought after catching a glimpse of his man-parts.

1. "Woah, I definitely should not have judged this guy on his height." Surprise — it's huge! You did not see that one coming.

2. "Score—he's a mansarder!" You're not afraid of a little fuzz, but it's definitely more enjoyable if you don't have to maneuver around those hairs. 
3. "Hmm, I've never seen that kind of curve before." Like snowflakes, fingerprints, and Beyoncé's hairstyles, no two penises are exactly alike—except maybe ones belonging to identical twins. Note to self: Google that later.

4. "It kind of looks like one of those wrinkly dogs." Turns out, this guy is uncircumcised and is hiding a tiny pug in his pants.

6. "Is that an ingrown hair, or..." Oh, man, looks like it's time for the STD talk. Better safe than sorry.

7. "OMG, this might be a genuine micropenis!" You've only read about these extremely rare peens, and now that you're face-to-face with one, you feel like you've won a sexual treasure hunt. Hopefully your prize is mind-blowing oral.

8. "Would it be weird if I named it?" Obviously it's his property—but you can't help but feel a little territorial about the thing that's going to get so well acquainted with your lady-parts.

9. "Where else has this been?" If his member could talk, you would ask it about all the locations it's explored. Hey, you're just curious. Unfortunately, you'll just have to ask your partner.

10. "Let's test this baby out." Now that you're done inspecting the goods, it’s time to take him for a test drive.

Besides, "It's go time."

Pregnancy Exercise and Diet Tips - Sensible Advice for Expectant Mothers

A diet containing the essential nutrients and vitamins are vital to the development of both mother and child. Vitamins are imperative to the health of a developing baby and the well being of the mother.

five reasons to fall in love

There’s nothing quite like the tingly feeling of a heart in love. Evidence shows that light, happy feeling extends to your entire body and your overall health,too.

reasons to fall in love

How Can I Fix My Marriage - Save Your Marriage in Six Ways

Have you been arguing about everything lately? 

                                Do you find yourself trying to sleep with unresolved conflicts? 

How Can I Fix My Marriage
Are you almost thinking of giving up on the man you swore to be with for the rest of your life? 

       You can fix your marriage before it's too late.

Love is present in every marriage. It is the primary reason why you got married in the first place. However love is not enough. We also need two more: Trust and Respect. If love is present without one of these two that I mentioned, your marriage is on the danger zone.

There are six ways to save your marriage.

1. Keep your promise.
Small things matter. It could be something minor like if you said that you'd be cleaning the car after lunch, make sure that you do it. It can also be something of a big deal like if you promised you would no t commit the same mistake again, do everything that you can so you won't.

Keeping one's word may be difficult at times, but it is the only way how we can build trust. We can't get someone's trust overnight; we have to earn it by doing what you said you would.

2. Accept criticism with your heart.
We only hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see because the truth hurts. We have to learn how to accept our faults and learn how to be better. Your spouse would definitely tell you what's good and what's bad about you because they love you.

No matter how painful it is, accept criticisms and be thankful for them. These are opportunities that will make you a better person.

3. Don't let your emotions get in the way.
If you are stressed with all the fights, you're tired, mad, hurt or whatever it is, the first thing you'd do is release all your emotions. You cry, scream or even curse. These are normal however, it doesn't also mean it is right.

When you are full of negative emotions, it is best that you give yourself time to keep your composure before you talk to your spouse.

4. Think before your talk.
This happens after the previous one. As soon as you are able to control your emotions, you can now talk to him. This could make or break the whole point of the conversation. Avoid using phrases like "you should have, I hate it when, the problem is, what I want is, and it is your fault that. The list is long so just remember to think about what you plan to say before you move your lips.

5. Set your mind straight.
Speaking of "thinking before talking", it will also help if you have thought about what you want say.

Here's an outline that you can use.

a. Tell him you love him.
b. Tell him how you feel.
c. Tell him what you hope to accomplish after the talk.
d. Tell him you can do to make everything better.

6. Learn how to Trust.
If you find it difficult to trust him 100%, trust him with small things first. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this list, Trust is not achieved overnight. It is earned with the small and simple things that we do.

These are simple ways that you can do to save your marriage. Remember, it should have three factors: Love, Trust and Respect. These are essential to a bond stronger than paper.

5 Tips to Improve Family Health

If you want to improve your family health, there are many ways of doing it.  Perhaps all of you are already getting more exercise, and you might have changed your eating habits to include more fruit and vegetables, and fewer sweets and ready meals.