While absent father For the family because of Military service..

Family lose vital and active presence of the father because of military service and having to face the absence from home for the performance of the national duty, tremendous anxiety and stress and challenges. 

Often members feel isolated, neglect and lack of support, often experiencing financial problems.
True the majority of military families and their children succeed in dealing with this difficult situation, but there will be some tension and anxiety that can  result in indicators. 

For the responses of children's reaction to the absence of the father, vary between a child and another and between age groups.
Here are some common reactions:

Babies (from birth to the first year): Can the children in this age to express their dismay of the time change their schedule and their environment and the lack of parents by their side at all times by a lack of appetite and weight loss and allergies.

Children (between the first and third year): Children at this age that the tears come down in permanent form or behave temperament or facing sleep disorders.

Children in the early childhood (between the third and sixth year): Estimated children in this age the meaning of the father's absence can be of the order that is reflected on a lot of their behavior is shown in the form of delays in training to enter the bathroom and sleep disorders and fear of separation and moans sucking fingers.

Children in second childhood (between the sixth year and XII): children aware of the fact that at this stage the absence of their father from the home of his absence and the potential risks. For this reason, behaving aggressively and sensitivity to others. This has been living in constant obsession with the possibility of the death of their father or suffering a serious injury.

Teens (between thirteen and eighteen): Children can at this stage to express their discontent with the impact of this rebellion and fumbling and challenge the authority of the mother. From here, the need to be alert to any high-risk behaviors which may cause the deviation.

 Here are some suggestions to relieve this burden:

  •  He stressed the importance of the family work together and share responsibilities until the return of the father of the house properly healthy good.
  • Keep family traditions and discipline in the absence of your husband, then it will send a reassuring in kids and makes them feel stable.
  •  Seek the help of all possible means to keep the children in touch with her father.
  • Children participated all news related to the father, each according to his age and his ability to comprehend.
  •  Do not allow your children to follow news of wars and military actions.
  •  Encourage your children to open their heart to you and to express their concerns and feelings and also their question.
  • Do not cut promises impossible for your children.
  •  Support large family and the community around you in everything you need.