Sex on Valentines Day - The Perfect Positions to Use

There probably is going to be more sex on Valentines Day than any other day of the year! Sex should definitely be as mind blowing and enjoyable as possible on this day.

Here are the perfect positions for having sex on Valentines Day:

1. Girlfriend on Top! Why is this a key position for sex on Valentines Day? Because Valentines is the day for red lingerie. And with the girlfriend on top she gets to show off her sexy lingerie and you get to visually enjoy your girl looking incredibly sex. Women tend to love the on top position, and Valentines is all about pleasing your woman, so is another reason that makes this position perfect for this pleasure filled day.

2. "Sixty-Nine" anyone? Valentines has turned into not just a day for the girls, but also one for the guys. More and more girls are getting their boyfriends a little something for this day and turning it into a mutually

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exciting evening for both. So why not translate this mutual pleasure into the bedroom as well? The "69 position" refers to mutually pleasing each other orally. If you look at the number, 69, that is pretty much a diagram to the actual position. It's an exciting and highly pleasurable position for both which makes it an excellent choice for Valentines.

3. Boyfriend Down Below! If you are a boyfriend who wants this day to be all about your girl, then performing cunnilingus is ideal. Give her all the attention in the bedroom, and be sure to study up on mind blowing oral pleasuring techniques beforehand, to ensure she experiences incredible orgasm(s)! This is a very popular position to partake in during Valentines and one that will top the whole day off perfectly!