Valentine's Day Sex Skills - Important Sex Tips For Valentine's

Everyone wants Valentines Day to be a romantic and memorable day, and a unforgettable evening of amazing sex.

How can you ensure that mind blowing sex will be had?

Here are some Important Valentines Day survival skills and sex tips to ensure the evening will be absolutely amazing:

1. Lasting long during sex. This is hugely important for mind blowing sex. If a guy doesn't last, then sex is not going to be great, let alone good. Don't worry though, there are a few last minute things you can do.

  • Creams. If you are really worried about premature ejaculation on Valentines day, then you can get some ejaculation control creams, usually sold in drugstores in the condom section. While these are not recommended for the long term, they can get you through a night or two and avoid premature ejaculation. 

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  • Masturbate before sex. If you don't want to fool around with creams and want a more natural way to last long, then masturbating before hand can be your answer. It's well known that if you masturbate 30-60 minutes before sex, then you will end up lasting much longer than usual. The body is basically forced to work harder, hence you end up lasting longer.

2. Oral to the rescue. A great sex tip for Valentines Day is to employ some oral pleasure. This is a unique day and if you really want to please your partner, then oral sex never fails. If you are in a bind at how to make this a special night in the bedroom, providing oral pleasures is a great solution, but you should make sure you learn the best way to perform oral to provide the highest amount of pleasure possible.

3. Oils and Edibles. Want to really make this night special and pleasurable? Get some erotic oils and lubricants and apply them on your partner. Edibles is another excellent idea. Since this is a "sweet tooth" type day, with candies, boxes of chocolates and such, sexual edibles like whip creams and body candy will fit in perfect for this day.

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