Five Tips For Overcoming Loneliness

Overcoming Loneliness
Loneliness affects almost everyone at some stage of our lives. It can affect both men and women. No one is immune to loneliness. 
Unfortunately, loneliness can cause all sorts of health problems like depression, weakened immune system, etc.
For the elderly, it can even give rise to dementia, which affects cognitive and functioning abilities. So how do we ensure that loneliness doesn't creep into our lives and create havoc? Here are some useful

Tip 1__Only the beginning__ 
Loneliness is always a good place to start for anyone. In the bible and in the garden of Eden, Adam had everything that he needed yet God still had to give him companionship for him not to be lonely.
There is a positive message here for all of us to learn from. If we accept that we are alone as in Adam's case then it means we are now in a position to receive. How can we receive if we are already filled? What loneliness offers us is the freedom to get whatever we desire because we are lacking. It is the beginning of better things to come.

Tip 2__Hope__
Loneliness offers us hope. As much as we want to feel that the world is coming to an end in this place of loneliness, deep down within we live in hope that things would change. 
Faith is the measurement of things hoped for. Hope means we are alive, we have faith, this is a rare quality when all around us is to our liking. Loneliness offers us the time and space to see this grace that is very difficult to find.

 Tip 3__Who we are__
Man is a complex creation. Man has so many attributes which on first sight are often difficult to understand. We ignore ourselves, our own company and what we are capable of. Most of the time we do what is expected of us by others. We are lead by the world and not by ourselves. In a place of loneliness we can finally discover the truth behind who we are and what we are capable of. We can even use this as a spring board to identify what we really need in our lives. Loneliness is not a place to run from but a place to learn to belong to.

Tip 4__By Choice__
The fact of the matter is that we are never really alone. It is a state of mind and choice. 
There is always something out there for each of us even if this involves talking to the trees. 
The point here is that our world is such that we can talk to anyone and anything if we wanted to so we do not have to feel alone. 
This is merely a perception on our part as we choose not to talk to others. 
The man on the street is available for us to talk to, he may be a stranger but that doesn't mean he won't listen to what we have to say. 
The fact that we are in this place simply means we have chosen to be there to search internally for something more than what is before us. 
The loss of someone or something that could fill our space doesn't mean that we can't find another person or something else to replace it. It just means we prefer to stay that way until it is time to search for something else. Even when there is nothing else there is God and he is with us for our entire existence, we can always turn to him.
Tip 5__Prayer__
Loneliness means emptiness in spirit. Prayer is a means by which this emptiness can be filled. 
By praying we are asking the almighty to weave his magic wand and give us back nutrient for the depleted spirit. This is an excellent time to be with God. 
We must also know that getting past this place without falling into depression or much worse means we have grown in spirit and overcome one of the woes and perceptions of man.
These five tips can work in unison or by themselves. They cost nothing and require no effort on our part just a change in perspective.
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