5 Easy Tips on How to Cope With Jealousy

Cope With Jealousy
Jealousy is a basic human emotion arising from the longing for another person's success, fame, riches or status.
Excessive jealousy is often the result of low self-confidence and self-esteem about oneself. Socially, jealousy may mean a sensed threat to a harmonious relationship. Either way,
jealousy can be classified in to several categories, so let's take a look at each type and how to cope with jealousy.

Healthy Jealousy.
Jealousy is not always harmful. In certain relationships, such as marriages, jealousy is natural, because partners tend to be possessive of each other. Ordinary envious reactions rearing it's not-so-ugly head is perfectly alright, as long as the persons involved make it all clear to each other. Learning how to cope with this type of jealousy is not difficult, because it's mild and occasional and doesn't need a lot of mind-training.

Destructive Jealousy.
This is definitely what you should do everything in your power to avoid. Destructive jealousy is when you frequently, intensely and irrationally jealous. Such uncontrollable jealousy is always harmful and should be eliminated and if to do so, first you must learn how to cope with jealousy.

1: Identify The Root Cause:
Knowing the cause for jealousy in any situation is the first step towards overcoming such negative emotions. Your own insecurities and unresolved feelings are often the reasons for feeling jealousy towards another. You will have to follow self-confidence building exercises and techniques to overcome self-esteem issues.

2: Take A Reality Check:
If you are in a relationship and you think there's a threat to it from a third party, how sure are you about it? Could it just be the way you are seeing it? Perhaps, you are mistaken. Don't let your assumptions get in the way of a healthy relationship just because you feel jealous based on imagined problems.

3: Positive Thinking:
Like in every situation where negative emotions get in the way of rational thinking, positive thinking helps. When jealousy burns, try thinking of better things. So, your colleague got a promotion and you feel envious because you think you deserved it better? Think of the bonus you got on Christmas last year or how fantastic it was to get that pay raise.

4: Seek Objective Opinions:
Get the perspective of a neutral party. If you are often behaving jealously, they will tell you, but only if you ask in all honesty. Knowing is half way to resolving, so get someone else's opinion.

5: Find Reassurance:
Communication is always the key to resolving issues, so always find reassurance from people around you, if you feel like you are going overboard with jealousy. The best way to seek help is by talking about whatever that's bothering you and causing the problems.