7 Tips For A Night Of Sizzling Hot Sex With Your Partner Tonight

Hot Sex With Your Partner
Has sex for you and your partner become a little humdrum? Looking for a way to spice it up? We've collected 7 tips to get things hot and steamy for you (and your partner) tonight!

1. Look For New Erogenous Zones
Studies of couples have shown that we are creatures of habit, even when it comes to how and where we touch each other. Make an effort to touch your partner in different places than where you normally do; you may find a sensitive place you never knew existed!

2. Switch Up Your Routine
If you always lay on the left and your partner always lays on the right, try switching sides! You'll be forced to use opposite hands to touch and it will feel different for both of you.
It might take a bit of getting used to at first, but change brings excitement.

3. Talk About Your Sexy Fantasies
If you have saucy or risqué fantasies, share them with your partner! It's always best to start with your tamest fantasies and see how your partner reacts. For example, talk about your fantasy of having sex in the back seat of the car; if he responds well, you can move up to the fantasy of being bent over the hood!

4. Learn A Few New Positions
Research into the bedroom habits of partners has shown that many have a tendency to stick with the same one or two sexual positions. Often, you won't even realize routine it has become.
So switch it up! If you often have sex in a "spooning" position (laying side by side with him behind you), it's easy enough to turn to the front and switch into a "doggy style" position, with you on your hands and knees. New positions lead to new sensations - you may be surprised at what you've been missing.

5. Sex And Food Are An Erotic Combination
Your food and drink can be a fun and sexy part of your foreplay. Instead of pouring your Irish cream into a glass, why not drizzle it over your partner's body then lick it off?
Have a slice of leftover cake? Crumble it over your partner in the bed, and then eat it up - your partner will love it!

6. Add Fun With Bedroom Games
Injecting fun into your bedroom activities is easy with simple games. For example, you can put a blindfold on your partner then have him guess what part of your body you're using to touch him - a toe, your tongue or even your nose. The blindfold heightens sensitivity and the game increases the tension.

7. You Don't Need To Use Words
Communicating during sex doesn't always require talking; sometimes the noises you make can be more exciting than actual words.
Bonus - if you're uncomfortable saying out loud what you want him to do, you can use moans and sighs to encourage him when he's moving in the right direction.

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