4 Types of People You Should Make Friends With

Friends play a very important role in our lives, your friends can make or mar you depending on who they are. Here are some basic things you should consider before letting people become your friend. Remember you can be friendly to all but all must not be your friend.
People who share same positive values with you
Values are very important when it comes to choosing your friends. Learn to associate with people who share the same good values as yourself, this will help you reduce conflicts in your friendship. Selecting people who share the same values with you can only be possible if you are clear on your personal values. So it starts with you, get clear on your values.

People who will tell you the truth always
Stay close to people who are not afraid to tell you the truth about you, sometimes the truth may hurt but it's better to be told. People who tell you the truth are more sincere and they want the best for you. Flattery is sweet but it is also very deceptive. If you plan to go far in life, you need to surround yourself with very truthful people.

People who would support you during trying times
Real friends stick with you through good times and bad times. There would be days when things may not go as planned, there would be times when you would need people to comfort you. There are those who would be there for you, such are the people you should keep as friends, not those who are there when it is all rosy and abscond during trying times.

People who believe in you
Select people who believe in you, people who constantly help you to build faith in yourself. Select friends who know your faults yet amplify your good qualities. Sometimes all you need is the support of a close friend, someone who would give you reasons why you can accomplish great things, someone who would push you to try one more time. Draw close to such people.
Always remember, you can be a friendly person without necessarily making everyone your friend. Be good to people as much as you can, however only draw close to people who have the traits that have been described above. You should not be coerced into friendship and you should not feel guilty when you don't feel right about choosing people as friends. I hope this helps?

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