How to Have an Active Love Life

How to Have an Active Love Life
We all desire an active love life. There are some couples who stay together but their love life is no longer active. Their life becomes like that of a brother and a sister or total strangers. But this can be avoided. There are reasons why a love life becomes inactive. But I can tell you that the main reason is sex related issues. There are things that hinder a satisfactory sexual life. On the other hand, there are things that can greatly contribute to a healthy sexual life
What hinders a satisfactory sexual life?
1. Communication problem
Once communication at home stops flowing smoothly, it affects sexual pleasure. If it happens that there is an argument between you and your spouse especially before you go to bed, there won't be any sex. That happens if the man is a good guy because if he is not, he will force himself to his wife. But a love life was not designed to function that way. So avoid discussing serious issues in the evening. Learn to say "sorry" if you have offended your spouse. That will work wonders for you in your marriage.

2. Guilt hinders pleasurable sex
This mostly applies to unmarried couples. Normally your conscience will not allow you to be involved in sexual intercourse if you are not married. I know that overtime some people develop a dull conscience. This is because in your heart you just know that it is not right to engage in sex before marriage. So guilt hinders pleasurable sex. Sex was meant to climax love. In fact it is a celebration of true love. I can tell you that indeed sex is a very exciting experience. It is nice and enjoyable. That is how it was created to be. What can help you enjoy it fully is to ensure it is done within the perimeters of marriage.
What can help you enjoy sex in your marriage?
1. Develop a healthy relationship
Learn to be nice to each other. Let that which brought you together in the first place be kindled. Keep it burning. What attracted you to your spouse? I am sure that can be preserved. As a man you should always be nice to your wife. Get to know what excites her. Ladies, develop respect for your husbands. Men love to be respected by their wives. That is how God created it to be. God commanded, "Men love your wives as Christ loved the Church... " Wives were given the duty of respect to their husbands. Once things are kept that way your love life will be an active one.

2. Cultivate your love as husband and wife
Do not allow your love life to die down. Just visit some places to have a meal together. Take yourselves out to an unfamiliar environment. Husband, do those little things your wife likes. That may be bringing her some flowers or buying her those little gifts. I can tell you that will make a huge difference.

3. Learn to communicate during sex
Everyone knows what excites him or her. So communicate as you make love. What is important is your excitement or pleasure. Unless you communicate, the other party won't know what you want or expect. Sex is meant to be enjoyed. If it is not enjoyed, it leads to many problems. You find that there is now cheating and that is adultery. It does not matter whether or not there is everything one wants in the house. Without satisfactory sex, there will be trouble. This is very serious. So you need to improve your communication.

4. Give quality time for sex
Do not engage in sex when you are rushing. Remember guys that ladies need to be given time. It takes them some time to be ready. So prepare them. It is important therefore to ensure that children have no access to your bed room or where ever you make love. Just take your time as a couple. Love making should not be a selfish game where one does not care about the satisfaction of the other. A family becomes strong once the sex life of the couple is a good one. Everything at home becomes smooth. I can promise you that if the husband and wife are happy at home, even the children enjoy life. But once either of the two is not happy, it will be noticeable and such should be avoided.

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